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Welcome to Rogue Bear Press, home of some of the finest new titles for children and teens. Our unique ACCELEREADER program allows young readers to grow with the characters they read about, as all the series in this program grow progressively more mature and challenging with each successive volume.

Rogue Bear Press was instituted to do more than just tell great stories.  We want to give children tools to help them grow.  We want to entertain them, but also inspire them.  We want to make them laugh, but also make them think.  We want to take them to new worlds, but also give them a new perspective on their own.

Our New Titles

To accomplish our goals, Rogue Bear Press has enlisted the work of several fine authors, authors whose stories will keep readers riveted, and also impart valuable lessons about dealing with the pressures and challenges they face as they mature.

Our AcceleReader Program:

building reading skills with progressively challenging books.

Our premier series in AcceleReader Program is the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency, which tell the stories of Will Allen and his partner, Jeannine Fitsimmons, an intrepid pair who set out to help kids defeat the monsters in their closets (or basements, or under the bed) by helping them conquer the fears that give rise to them.

Author Jason Edwards

Award Winning Author Jason Edwards has developed a series of books that are at once funny, moving, scary, and useful for helping children overcome anxieties.  In his Mom's Choice Award Winning series, The Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency, Edwards created parables which subtly impart important lessons for dealing with many children’s issues.  The inaugural title, Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective (ISBN: 978-0-9789512-0-7, $5.95), is the adventure of a clever but timid boy whose fears have literally come to life, and how he learns to conquer them.  Written for 7-12 year old readers who may already enjoy Bailey School Kids, The Magic Tree House, and Goosebumps books, this humorous mix of Ghostbusters and Monsters Inc. adds a new tool for challenging childhood demons by metaphorically providing young readers with a model for confronting their own fears.    Will, an underage, academically advanced, 5th grade boy, searches fruitlessly for help until a strange business card appears in his book bag, instructing him how to summon Bigelow Hawkins, the Great Monster Detective.  With Bigelow’s help, along with the use of a very special flashlight and magnifying glass, Will must learn how to confront the monsters and uncover the secret of the dreaded Hidden Beast before it’s too late.

To learn More About Jason, visit his webpage by clicking on the link below

Author August Jefferson

Auggie Jefferson's series of upcoming YA novels, Triumphs of Will,  are the stories of a misfit boy from a broken home, and the struggles he faces in trying to find a place to fit in among the rigid status groupings at a prestigious boarding school.  Though the initial volume, Simple Solutions, is appropriate for middle school kids, successive volumes deal with some mature themes, and are intended for the YA market.