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Award Winning Author, Educator, Storyteller, and Program Producer

Mom's Choice Award Winning Author Jason Edwards describes himself as an 'EDUTAINER' :  one who produces books and programs that are all riotously entertaining, but also inspiring and educational.

His frightfully funny mid-grade chapter books, Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective , and its sequels, Will Allen and the Ring of Terror and Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud have received the Mom's Choice Award for Family Friendly Media and have been endorsed by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and by the national anxiety sufferers advocacy group Freedom From Fear as valuable tools for helping children address anxiety issues because they metaphorically model for young readers the process of overcoming anxieties. But even though they have a message, that doesn't mean they're not loads of fun to read. Bookviews.com's review called the books, "Wildly entertaining...Funny from first page to last!", and Front Street Reviews called them, "Full of humor...Fun and Engaging!"  

 Jason's whimsical yet inspiring educational programs have been featured at KidQuake in San Francisco, the Southwest Florida Reading Festival (Click here to see!), the Arkansas Literary Festival, the Alliance for the Arts (click here to see!), the New Orleans Book Fair, the Hudson Children's Book Festival, the WHUD Kids Fair, and over 100 schools and libraries.

His talent for illuminating anxiety issues for children and adults alike has been featured in print and on radio and TV, including lon WVOX NY and Talk of Connecticut Radio, WCBS TV in New York, and on the internet sites of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and Freedom From Fear.

 Jason is also a husband and father with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Education.  He has more than twenty years of experience helping young people deal with anxiety issues and other problems.  Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective was his first published work.

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My Story _ Why I Write

Writing is in my blood.  I actually mean that literally, because I once accidentally stabbed myself from one end of my hand all the way through to the other with a pencil.  I learned that day that the pencil truly is mightier that the sword.

The first tale I can remember creating was a short story titled "The Siamese Twin Lobster From Czechoslovakia" that I wrote for an English assignment when I was back in elementary school.  It was kind of an ugly duckling story with my own weird sensibilities throw in.  Even then, I was drawn to the bizaar, or in this case, the impossible (obviously, I hadn't learned any geography yet, seeing as how lobsters live in the sea and Czechoslovakia was land locked).  I continued writing stories and poems from time to time just for my own amusement, but the next time I wrote a story for a school assignment was in college, when I wrote a radio play for a class at the University of Delaware.  It was another weird, Twilight Zone kind of story set in a bank vault during a nuclear attack.  That play ended up being the only student-written work produced that term.  But still, I never pursued writing as a career.

Over the years, I would write when I found an inspiration that moved me to express myself, but my life gradually began to fill up with responsibilities and obligations, and the drive for amusing myself in that manner faded.  It wasn't until my daughter was born that the muse struck again.  At bedtime, she never tired of me telling her story after story.  She became an avid reader at a very early age, but she was very sensitive too, and was traumatized by an encounter with a loud, broken, constantly flushing automatic toilet (Yes, this was the inspiration for Will's toilet monster in the book).  My wife and I wanted to help her overcome the anxiety she developed as a result, but after months on end in the magical land of therapists, she was making no progress.  It was only then that, for a bedtime story, I began telling her of the adventure of a boy whose fears had come to life, and how he had to learn to confront them in order to conquer them.  That boy was Will Allen, and soon he and his adventures took on a life of their own.  I felt so inspired by them that I wanted to share these stories with the world, but I had no idea what the process was like trying to get published.  It took years of bitter disappointment and constant rejection, but I persevered, and now The Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency have finally found a home here at Rogue Bear Press.

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