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There is nothing we love better than being out there among our readers

Rogue Bear Press was created to do more than just tell great stories :  We want to help kids learn and grow.  In order to facilitate our goals, Rogue Bear Press produces a number of entertaining educational enrichment programs.  Our authors are constantly performing book-themed programs at schools, libraries and bookstores, as well as conducting book talks, book readings, and book signings. 

Our premier event is The Library Skills-building MONSTER HUNT program ( click here to go the the Monster Hunt website ), a grand adventure based upon the concepts and characters from the book, Will Allen and the Great Monster Detectivein which kids develop research skills as they track down and capture a lurking monster!    See below for more details.

And we cultivate the writer inside every child with Destination: INSPIRATION! Story Crafting Program - school assemblies and writing workshops that educate, entertain, and inspire.  For more information, click here.


. We also lead kids on an adventure exploring the hidden wonders secreted within the books on your shelves in our Library Treasure Hunt - where Kids search for hidden treasures - the kind only found within the walls of the library!   

And another great option: history comes alive while searching for adventure in our magical History Mystery!



To view our current schedule of activities, click here. 

To contact us directly for more program information, a price quote, or to schedule an activity, call us at (914) 437-7628 or e-mail program Director Jan Silverman at



"Thank you for your wonderful program. It was captivating, slyly educational, and the children had lots of fun!"

Sydney Young
Library Assistant
Glen Ridge Public Library

"We recently hosted Jason Edwards' Monster Hunt at our library. The kids loved it, and developed library search skills without even noticing!  Jason worked really well with both young and old searchers-he clearly loves what he does, has lots of experience and a great sense of humor. If you are looking for a clever, fun program, this is a great option." --Teresa Bueti, Children's Services, Chappaqua Public Library


Monster Hunts

 In the MONSTER HUNT, kids develop vital academic skills - while having a grand adventure! Children build research and deduction skills as they learn to use library resources to find clues that will help them capture a lurking monster! All participants have their own sets of clues to find - there is never any competing over clues, and so every child proceeds at his or her own pace and everyone succeeds! In the end, everyone is called together to share their clues, which they use to track down and capture the monster. Then they all are rewarded with their own Monster Detective badges!


The Monster Hunt, which is conducted at schools, libraries, and bookstores, is based upon the characters and concepts developed in the book, Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective.  

To learn more about our MONSTER HUNTS, click here to visit the Monster Hunt website.

To view slideshow of past Monster Hunts, click on the photo below

To commission a program or get more information, contact Program Director Jan Silverman via e-mail at or by phone at (914) 437-7628    

or  View a downloadable poster about our Monster Hunt, MonsterMaker, and StoryPlay programs by clicking here. 

Teachers and Librarians take note :  Special book discounts are available to schools and libraries!

For more information on our book discount programs, e-mail us by clicking on the Seeding For Reading link below

Monster Hunt Albums

Seeding For Reading - get every nose in a book!


This mix of reading, crafting, and storymaking is perfect for the younger monster detectives out there, as they are presented with a scenario, given the tools for creating their own dastardly monsters, and then allowed to help craft a finale for their story. 

For More details about our MonsterMaker Program, click here 

The Rogue Bear Press Seeding For Reading Program

For schools with limited resources, we provide more than just discounts.

We provide review copies of our books


Contact us at for details

And check out our school assembly program designed to bring out the writer in every child:


The StoryPlay program brings kids right into the action!  It is the perfect starter activity for those who want to take part in monster hunting, but have not yet developed the necessary reading skills.  Everyone has a role to play in this fun, interactive Monster Hunting Adventure!

For More details about our StoryPlay Program, click here 

Cultivate the writer within every child!

 .  This riotously entertaining, highly-interactive program is as limitless and creative as a child's imagination because kids don’t just watch and listen to the performance – they become a part of it!  Children of all ages and levels of ability create characters and make up their own lines in this interactive adventure!

For More details about our Destination: Inspiration! Program, click here 


And even More Themes,

 with the Same Interactive Fun!

Rogue Bear Press brings to you

Our brain-bending History Mystery

and our exhilarating Safari Adventure!

Both of these programs are available as a

Library Scavenger Hunt, Craft, or a StoryPlay Activity