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New and Upcoming Titles

The following is a list of books that are currently available or in pre-production.  Release dates are subject to change.

Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency

Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective 

The inaugural title in the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency series, Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective (ISBN: 978-0-9789512-0-7, $5.95), is the adventure of a clever but timid boy whose fears have literally come to life, and how, with some very special help, he learns to conquer them. Targeted at readers who already enjoy Bailey School Kids, The Magic Tree House, and Goosebumps books, this humorous mix of Ghostbusters and Monsters Inc. is more than just a spooky, yet whimsical fantasy.  It also adds a new tool for helping children overcome anxieties by metaphorically providing young readers with a model for confronting their own fears. But just because it has a message, that doesn’t mean it’s not loads of fun to read. In its review, called the book, “Wildly entertaining…Funny from first page to last!”

Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective is available from,, as well as fine bookstores everywhere.  To go directly to an online bookseller, click on one of the links below

The next volume in this series is

 Will Allen and the Ring of Terror

            In this sequel to Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective, fledgling detective Will Allen discovers that being a monster hunter requires much more than just brains and bravery.  But when his very first client is tormented by strange images that Will does not understand, can even timely assistance from Will’s best friend and partner, Jeannine Fitsimmons, help him solve the mystery and reveal the true monster in time to save them all from the razor-sharp claws of a terrifying HARPY?
Available: NOW!

Also Coming From Rogue Bear Press :

This coming of age trilogy features young Hiram Stanley, a boy dealing at once with puberty, his parents divorce, and trying to fit in at a new, snooty boarding school. 

In this first story we meet young Will (please don't call me Hiram) Stanley, a boy with a keen mind and a fire in his belly.  Too much of a fire, as it turns out, for either of his parents to deal wtih him, especially now that they are embroiled in a messy divorce.  His adventures take him from a small New York apartment to a posh New England estate.  But escaping the bitterness of his conflicted family isn't the cure-all that he expects it to be.