Seeding For Reading

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Rogue Bear Press Seeding For Reading Program

Growing Readers One Book at a Time

We Believe There is a Reader Inside Every Child

Every child wants to learn.  But not all children go to schools that can fully provide the resources a growing reader needs.  Rogue Bear Press wants to help.  Our Seeding For Reading Program supplies free books to schools and heavily discounted copies to libraries all across the country.

Currently, due to limited resources, we can only provide free copies to principals, librarians, and reading teachers.  We are currently seeking sponsors in order to expand the program in the future.

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Other Rogue Bear Press Programs

A big part of our job is to make reading fun for kids.  To do that, we go to schools, libraries, and bookstores and present animated, exciting programs such as our school assembly program Desintation: Inspiration; StoryPlay, an interactive storyreading program; MonsterMaker, a craft/storymaking activity; and our signiture event, the Monster Hunt, which is a combination clue decoding/scaverger hunt activity.  All involve thinking, playing, learning, and having fun.  

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