The AcceleReader Program

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Kids Grow Every Day -- So Should Their Favorite Books

It is this simple idea that led us to develop our AcceleReader Program.  With greater length, increasingly challenging vocabulary, and more mature themes with each successive volume in a series, AcceleReader Books grow with kids, and help kids grow.

The Rogue Bear Press AcceleReader Program

moving reading skills to the next dimension


AcceleReader Books Help Improve Reading Skills

AcceleReader Books grow more challenging with each progressive volume.  More challenging books produce more sophisticated readers.

Our newest AcceleReader book: The third volume in the Monster Detective Agency series: Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud

Also available are The First Two Books in the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency Series:

Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective and

Will Allen and the Ring of Terror

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AcceleReader Books Have Characters That Kids Can Relate To

Children today move from Barney books to Gossip Girls in the blink of an eye.  But who travels along with them? 

Characters in a AcceleReader series age and change and grow, facing the same trials as they mature that their readers do.

AcceleReader Books Reading Levels:

 Level 1 -  Advanced Picture Books.For beginning readers.

  Our elementary books are designed to spur improved reading abilities by using longer sentences and bigger words than typical picture books.

Level 2 -  Illustrated Chapter Books.For young readers.

  Book written for this level are designed to help young readers transition from picture books to chapter books.  These books have fewer illustrations, plus more complex sentences and advanced vocabulary than picture books.

 Level 3 -  Transitional Chapter Books.For advanced readers.

  These books contain few, if any, illustrations, increasingly complex ideas, and multi-dimensional characters.  They are designed to advance readers from traditional chapter books to YA novels.

Level 4 -  YA novels.For adult-level readers.    These books are filled with sophisticated concepts, more mature themes, and college level vocabulary.  They are structurally identical to adult novels except for the fact that the main characters are young people, and the narrative perspective reflects their point of view.


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Current AcceleReader Series

Our inagural AcceleReader series is The Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency.  The first two volumes of this series, which is tailored for the 7-13 year old chapter book reader, are available now.

 Our second AcceleReader series is The Triumphs of Will.  The first volume of this series, which is intended for the 12-17 year old junior novel reader, will be available in the autumn of 2015.