Monster Hunts!

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Teach Library Research Skills the FUN Way - Hunt Monsters!

 An Engaging  -  InterACTive  -  Entertaining Educational Program!

  - In the riotous and captivating Monster Hunt program, children between the ages of 7 and 14 develop research skills as they hunt for a lurking monster!  

  - Teams of eager adventurers learn how to  use the library catalog and the Dewey Decimal System to find hidden clues that will help them locate the Monster's Secret Lair. 

  - Every group has its own set of clues to find - there is never any competing over clues, and so every child always succeeds! 

  - In the end, the teams work together to find and capture the beast, and then they are all rewarded for their success with their very own Monster Detective Badges and diplomas!

Both Schools and Libraries love this program because every child develops library skills - while having a grand adventure!


"We recently hosted Jason Edwards and his Monster Hunt at our library. The kids loved working in teams decoding their clues and searching for books, developing library search skills without even noticing!  Jason worked really well with both young and old searchers-he clearly loves what he does, has lots of experience and a great sense of humor. If you are looking for a clever, fun program, this  is a great option." --Teresa Bueti, Children's Services, Chappaqua Library

"Wonderful Program!  It was captivating, slyly educational, and the kids had lots of fun!" --Sydney Young, Children's Librarian, Glen Ridge Library


This program is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 14, and they must be able to read to fully participate.  And participate they do!  This is one program where the kids are in on all the action!

The kids unravel the secret code!

The children are the true stars of this program.

- They uncover the first clue

- They reveal the secret code

- They decode their clues

- They do research to determine the location of more hidden clues

- They share their clues to find the Monster's Secret Lair

- They capture the monster!



The full-length program lasts 75 minutes, and modified versions fit into 40 - 55 minute class periods.

What happens when you commission a Monster Hunt ?

 1) Before children arrive -- Monster clue cards are hidden in books throughout Children's Library. Also hidden is a small (toy) Monster, which is placed in a secluded spot, and some ‘monster trails' which will help lead to the secret lair. All materials and preparation are provided by our activity facilitator.

2) Once all participants are present -- The activity begins when the Monster Detective in Charge (the facilitator) introduces himself and asks for help in dealing with monsters that are loose in the library. Participants, using only their observation skills, will uncover the first clue, which, once decoded, tells where to find the next in a series of clues that will lead to the monster.

3) Participants are broken up into groups of three or four and provided with Clue Decoder cards. Every member of the group is assigned a task - Clue Master, Decoder, Recorder, or Seeker, and for successive clues the tasks are rotated so that each participant has a turn at every task. Each clue, once decoded, provides information about how to find and catch the monster and tells the group which book holds their next clue. The facilitator will demonstrate how to use the library catalog and Dewey Decimal System to locate the books that contain the clues they seek.

4) Participants search the children's library to find each book that contains a clue and then they decode its monster hunting instructions. Every group has its own set of clues to find - there is never any competing over clues and so everyone always succeeds! When enough clues are decoded (or time is running out) the groups are called together to share their information.

5) A group search will begin, using the decoded instructions to lead participants to the hidden monster and tell them how to capture it. Once the participants have successfully captured the monster, a special ceremony is conducted in which they are rewarded with their own Monster Detective badges and diplomas, and sworn in as newly appointed associate detectives.

This program has proven to be both fun and educational for all involved. For more information or to schedule a Hunt, contact Jan Silverman, Director of Programs and Activities for Rogue Bear Press, by phone at (914) 437-7628, or E-mail at


We also perform Monater Hunts for fairs, festivals, and book stores.  Check out this one minute clip from a mall/bookstore Monster Hunt!




Although 35 children is the suggested program maximum for a library, larger groups can be accomodated under certain conditions.  For a Children's Library with very limited space however, a smaller number is highly recommended 


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