MonsterMaker Craft Program

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What could be more creative than designing your own Monsters?

  Creations limited only by your imagination!.

Cultivate inventiveness, originality, and ingenuity!


A serpent with seven eyes, the face of a lion, and three tails?  Anything is possible when a child's imagination and creativity run wild in the MonsterMaker program, which combines storytelling and craft-making into a single activity.  Award-winning performer Jason Edwards conducts a zany monster story, and the children in the audience are called upon to fashion the MONSTERS that the character in the story must confront by using their imaginations and craft materials including Styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, clay, molds, and much more.  MonsterMaker creations are the one true no-judgment zone for junior artists – no matter what a child produces, it is always a perfect monster!   The crafters will then help the character in the story conquer these creatures, defeating the monsters and bringing the adventure to its conclusion.


A fun activity for almost anyone! Crafters are limited only by their imaginations, and nothing is ever an error!

This program has been scripted by Jason Edwards, award-winning author of Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective and its sequels, Will Allen and the Ring of Terror, and Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud, and is designed to be extremely interactive, fun, and creative, while also subtly imbuing a lesson about choosing to confront our anxieties.  Though some manual dexterity is necessary for participation, children with a wide range of abilities can take part.  The program is designed to accommodate up to 24 participants, and even larger groups can take part if conditions warrant. 

The program lasts about an hour, and is available at any time of day during the week or on weekends. For more information, or to schedule a MonsterMaker program, contact Jan Silverman, Director of Programs and Activities, by phone at (914) 437-7628 or via e-mail at   (see link below)

Monsters come in all sizes and shapes...Just like Kids!

  • Monsters are for everyone...and so is MonsterMaking!

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Everyone loves making monsters!

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