Destination: INSPIRATION!

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School assembly programs and creative writing workshops that are fun and inspiring for everyone!

This magical show features the talents of author Jason Edwards... and YOUR students !

Whether they know it or not, every child is a storyteller – they just have to learn how to bring it out!  And that is just what happens in Destination: INSPIRATION, where the kids are the real stars of the show! 

Jason Edwards' whimsical yet inspiring program has been featured at the Southwest Florida Reading Festival, the Kidquake  Festival in San Francisco, the Arkansas Literary Festival, the New Orleans Book Fair, the Hudson Children's Book Festival, the WHUD Kids Fair, and over 100 schools and libraries.

And NOW Destination: INSPIRATION  is ONLINE!  

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This riotously entertaining, highly-interactive program is as limitless and creative as a child's imagination because kids don’t just watch and listen to the performance – they become a part of it!  Children of all ages and levels of ability create characters and make up their own lines in the interactive assembly program because no reading or writing skills are required.  For classes that are ready to develop their creative writing skills, Jason has a follow-up workshop in which he guides every student through the process of creating his or her own amazing stories!

Everyone loves a great story - but watch what happens when the AUDIENCE has to create it!

In the assembly program, our performer, author Jason Edwards, reviews the process of story creation with the audience and guides them to the source of their own great stories – their inspiration!  Then, there on the spot, the entire group creates their own story together! 


Slapstick humor abounds as Jason helps act out the group’s narration, and he provides prompts, hints, and encouragement to the performers when it is time to deliver their lines or determine the next event in the plot. 

The kids create their own roles – they can be anything or anyone they conceive - and join with the storyteller in telling the tale!

It may sound complicated, but virtually any child can successfully take part in this activity due to the clever scripting and the astounding improvisational skills of Jason Edwards, author of Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective and its sequel, Will Allen and the Ring of Terror.

The program is designed to accommodate a wide variety of ages and numbers of participants.  It lasts one hour, or can be fit into 40 – 45 minute class periods, and can be performed in any size venue at any time of day.  The follow-up creative writing workshops are intended for grades 2 - 7 and are designed to be performed on a class by class basis, but they are similarly flexible in regard to length and numbers of participants.

For more information, or to schedule a Destination Inspiration program for your school, please contact  .   Jan Silverman, Program Director  for Rogue Bear Press, via e-mail at or by phone at (914) 437-7628.


  We look forward to providing your students with a great adventure!